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New class series coming Summer 2017:

Moving with Effort and Ease

Our culture encourages “doing”, and always moving. As a result, we go-go-go, and often spend down time considering what we should be doing. Being easeful in life takes no effort, which is a hard concept for many of us to understand. When we are constantly moving around in effort, our brains reset our sense of neutral, making it harder for us to get to a truly easeful place. We can change our neutral, which can offer more range for us to go when we need to, and truly rest when we need as well.

This series of classes provides movements that experiment with this flow between effort and ease. Using basic, gentle explorations from Thomas Hanna’s daily “cat stretch” movements, you will learn to create permanent change in muscle habits that can cause pain, inhibit full movement, or cause injury. Having the ability to go from full effort to full ease allows us to have complete range and more freedom to choose how we move, preventing injury and improving all of our activities.