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Just a very quick but sincere thank you for putting on that session for us this morning. It was definitely worth getting up a bit early for and overcoming my anxiety about web based sessions! It’s such a pleasure for me to be part of something so positive. Really appreciate your friendly, down-to-earth teaching style. Positively looking forward to future sessions and info. ~ Online Class Student

Embodying the Breath – An experiential course in somatic movement

3 Tuesdays – November 28, December 5, 12

8:00-9:00pm, online


What does it mean to “take a deep breath”? When you hear someone say “take a deep breath”, what does that mean to you in your body? Having the freedom to able to take a deep breath when you want can help to release muscles in the whole body – ribcage, neck, shoulders, even the pelvic floor and legs. As one of the most basic functions of the human body, breathing can become oddly stuck. We can “forget” how to breathe efficiently. In these three weeks, we’ll talk about the physical anatomy of the breath and how it affects every part of the body.

Each hour class begins with anatomy, philosophy, and the functional aspects of breath. Then we play with movement on the floor to explore what we just learned. The theme of each class will be explored within the context of somatic movement, and specifically Hanna Somatic movements. After movement, we will have a little bit of time for reflection and questions.

A link to the recordings of our time together will be available within a couple of days of the class.

This is a conference style classroom – we will be able to see everyone else in the class if you allow it. It’s helpful for me to see everyone at least during the movement portion so it can be a dynamic class.
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