Audio Recordings from Online Classes:

These are recordings of live, online classes. Each lesson includes a brief talk on the topic, followed by movement explorations, and ending with Q&A from the participants. After purchasing through PayPal, I will send the files via WeTransfer to your email address within 24 hours

Exploring the Pelvis, 4 lessons
Regularly: $100, special priced now: $60

In each of these lessons, we explore how the pelvis is affected by and effects the rest of the body. We will cover how breath moves in the pelvis, how any habitual contractions in the pelvic floor affects the function of the center of the body, including the internal organs, and work with big patterns of the entire center, as well as the more subtle muscles that hold everything in place.

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Embodying the Breath, 3 lessons
Regularly: $75, special priced now: $45

What does it mean to “take a deep breath”? When you hear someone say “take a deep breath”, what does that mean to you in your body? Having the freedom to be able to take a deep breath when you want can help to release muscles in the whole body – ribcage, neck, shoulders, even the pelvic floor and legs. As one of the most basic functions of the human body, breathing can become oddly stuck. We can “forget” how to breathe efficiently. In these three weeks, we’ll talk about the physical anatomy of the breath and how it affects every part of the body.

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Introduction to Somatic Practices, 4 lessons
Regularly: $100, special priced now: $60

This series is for somatics practitioners from all fields and anyone else wanting to gain a little more information about the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of somatic movement. We use Hanna Somatic Education as a base for discussions in neurophysiology and philosophy, will have a short, guided movement exploration, and end with a few minutes of reflection and sharing.

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