Somatics for Neck & Shoulders

Pop-Up Workshop: Saturday, February 16, 2019, 1-4pm, $55

Violet Owl
62 Wall St
Asheville, NC

Move freely and learn how to get rid of neck & shoulder pain. Come learn Somatic movement techniques that change the brain’s signal to the muscles, restoring optimal resting length, mobility, sensation, and control. We utilize very gentle movement called pandiculation that can radically change the way you move and control your body. This workshop focuses on the center of the body and up: ribs, shoulders, neck and even jaw muscles, which result in a new, efficient posture, less pain and tension, and more freedom in the upper body. Discover the perfect preparation practice for Yoga, dance, or any activities you enjoy. Empower yourself to live brilliantly in your body!  

Illustrated class materials included for your home practice. This is a very gentle class, mostly practiced on the floor, it is safe for all ages & fitness levels.   

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