About Carrie

Carrie Day, MA, CHSE, RSME, has been studying and practicing dance, yoga, and movement awareness techniques for over 25 years. She received a BFA in modern dance performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and then moved to New York to pursue a professional dance career. While living in New York City, in addition to dancing and performing she began working as a lighting designer and theatrical technician for dance and off-Broadway theatre. Working in such physically demanding fields, Carrie observed how people handle different levels of stress, and how they hold that stress in their bodies. She also began to recognize how she was developing pain patterns in her own body, and wondered how to relieve and even reverse these patterns.

In 2004, she discovered Clinical Somatic Education and became fascinated with the blend of body awareness, education, and depth of science required for study. Through her own personal Somatics practice, Carrie was able to correct severe neck and shoulder pain due to a herniated disc. This personal experience inspired her to go through the three year certification program at Somatics Systems Institute in Northampton, MA. From her own daily Somatics practice, Carrie has been able to return to dance and movement even better than she had while performing professionally. Inspired by the work of Thomas Hanna, she continues to study anatomy and find new ways to move, strengthening her depth of understanding of how effectively the human body adapts to change. Completion of a Master of Arts in Dance and Somatic Well-Being from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013 has exponentially added to Carrie’s ability to share this amazing work with the world.

Carrie hopes to help people realize their own exciting potential to be self-correcting, self-healing, and self-regulating.

In addition to teaching Somatic awareness classes and helping individual students, Carrie is experienced in teaching numerous movement classes, including yoga, hoop dance, ballet, modern dance, and functional fitness play.

Email me: daysomatics@gmail.com
Call or text me: 828-280-4252

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