This soft spoken lady packs powerful knowledge about your body into a wonderful Somatic treatment. It amazed me how much better/looser I felt after my first gentle session. I loved learning the Cat Stretches and continue to do them daily. Somatics has helped my body in a number of ways including my yoga practice. It’s obvious that Carrie loves what she does. Even if you’ve never heard of Somatics, have a session with Carrie—your body will thank you for such an experience.

 B.Werry, Yoga Instructor, Whippany, NJ

 I would like to take a moment to thank Carrie Day for an incredible 90 minute workshop in Hanna Somatics. I had no idea what to expect and went with the main intention of supporting my friend. But I walked out feeling elongated, healthily stretched, balanced, open, amazing. I don’t do yoga, I’m not big on exercise but this is something I plan to learn more about and to continue with. I can’t remember the last time my body felt this good. People, you need to check this out. Trust me, you owe this to yourself. Thanks so much Carrie, you and the class were awesome and so very much appreciated!

 L. Ross, Actress, Asheville, NC

 I was having some fairly painful sciatica when I had a Somatics session with Carrie. After one session and then practicing the exercises she had shown me, my sciatica has completely disappeared. Carrie’s soothing voice is very relaxing in itself. Coupled with the exercises it is a truly healing experience.

 B. Palmer, Retired Executive, Ocean, NJ

I started seeing Carrie before my second pregnancy, and continued to see her during the pregnancy and after. Carrie changed the way I think about exercise. I have learned that more and faster are not better. Less and slower accomplish more. She has helped me find exercises that fit into my life. I literally do a 10 minute routine before going to bed. The results are amazing. The exercises she guided me towards during pregnancy were beyond helpful during childbirth and essential for recovery. I have never felt better.

 E. Stahl, Artist, Denver, CO

Thanks to Carrie and her patient teaching I no longer have muscle amnesia. Carrie’s somatics classes have enabled me to have a greater awareness of my shoulder and back muscles and have improved the lengthening of different muscle groups, thus eliminating my chronic stiffness and pain. The somatic exercises follow the natural movement of the body and are very gentle. Incorporating mindfulness of breathing and movement while doing the somatic exercises has allowed me to be aware and differentiate muscles in use. Somatic excercise relaxes the daily tension and stress held in my muscles. A very worthwhile experience that can be easily done at home at the end of a hectic day:)
Thanks Carrie!

 E. Madera, Teacher, Newark, NJ

Are you tired of hurting? Are you frustrated with trying to find relief with no success? I was. I began working with Carrie after a year and a half of agony, and it was the best decision I could have made. Carrie is meant to do this work. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does, and that passion translates to results. She isn’t afraid to go off script and actually WORK with her clients and base things off of their needs. She understands that each person is different, and helps her clients to go within and heal themselves. After bouncing from professional to professional I found Carrie to be the first person that was actually listening to what I was saying, and that greatly impacted the level of trust I had for her and allowed for magic to happen. She taught me to really feel what was going on inside of me, and showed me how to slowly work my way out of it. She encouraged me to get away from terms like “right” and “wrong” and to figure out what the best things were for my body and my life. I consider her my coach as she has been there to listen to what I bring to the table, to help me explore and find answers, to help me see what I’m blind to and cannot sense, and to say the words that keep me motivated. She’s pushed me, challenged me, and gets me to face my fears and slowly, but surely, the work is paying off. I’ve worked with her in a one-on-one capacity and have taken part in the group classes that she offers. Her classes offer broader and more generalized things that may not come up in a private session, which have included amazing tips and skills that allow me to use Somatics in a functional way. There has always been something to learn, explore, and apply to my situation.

 V. Avon, Stagehand, Brick, NJ

My aches and pains had worsened and spread all over my body. I was miserable and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t sleep at night or function during the day. I tried various supplements, but nothing helped. Then Carrie introduced me to somatics. After just one session my aches and pains were almost gone. I was so happy I felt like dancing in the streets! Carrie taught me exercises to do daily to help keep the aches and pains from returning. And as an added bonus, I can now see fully over the car steering wheel! Carrie and somatics has truly helped my quality of life.

 S. Day, Animal Caretaker, Marion, NC

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