Private Sessions


Private Sessions:
Private sessions are a great way to focus on specific patterns that may be causing pain. These are hands-on, guided movement sessions; you are always in control of the movement. We begin by discussing lifestyle, history, and goals and an assessment of gait and posture. Then table work to address those goals and patterns that may be holding you back from full freedom of movement. You will leave with simple and gentle movements that you can do at home so you can continue to improve your ease in movement. I also offer follow-up email support with your personalized movement routine.

I recommend committing to at least 3 sessions to gain the foundations of the work. You will be learning about your body, how you work, and that takes time. Think of it like taking violin lessons – it takes more than one session to become a master.

Please wear comfortable clothing to allow free movement. No skirts or jeans, please. Expect to remove jewelry, watches, and belts. Office located at 25 Reed St, Suite 101, Asheville, NC. Email for an appointment.

$140 for the first session, 90 minutes for initial assessment and session. Subsequent sessions are $115 for 75 minutes.

Email me:
Visit me: 25 Reed St Suite 101 Asheville, NC
Call or text me: 828-280-4252