Online Sessions & Classes

During the COVID-19 self-quarantining period, I am offering private online sessions and classes on a sliding scale. Please inquire with me directly if you are in need of reduced pricing. I will not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Somatics Basics Group Classes

Wednesdays, 9:00am (EST)

The days are getting a little longer, and green is starting to peek out from the dirt of the Earth. We are starting to come out of our internal hibernation in anticipation of spring! We’ll be starting up our weekly Somatics classes again at a new time: Wednesday mornings at 9am EST. Here is a breakdown of what’s coming up in the next 4 weeks:

Week 1, February 17th: Breathing into the low back

Week 2, February 24th: Breathing into the chest & shoulders

Week 3, March 3rd: Breathing into the pelvis

Week 4, March 10th: Breathing into the waist

This link takes you to Acuity scheduling to register.

This is a 30-45 minute gentle dive into the breath and somatic movement. Now more than ever we need reminders of how we have the power to relax our own muscles and respond to the world in healthy ways. All you need is a laptop or phone, and a space the size of a yoga mat. You can turn the video off and just listen, if that’s more comfortable.

Other great online classes by my favorite fellow Somatics Practitioners:

Monday, 9:30am, Gena Rho.

Tuesday, 11:30am, Kristin Jackson.

Wednesday, 9:30am, Gena Rho.

Thursday, 4:30, Gena Rho.

Friday, 11:30, Kristin Jackson.

Private Somatics Sessions

In-person sessions are invaluable to kick-start to a Somatics practice, but while we’re mostly staying at home, the next best thing is online sessions. Make sure you have enough room for the camera to see you stand up (we’ll talk about how you stand, and if there’s enough room, walk), and down on the floor on a yoga mat for guided movement. Together, we’ll talk about what patterns are holding you back, any pain you are experiencing, and how a somatic routine can help change habits that aren’t serving you anymore. All sessions follow up with either a recording or a transcript of our time together.

Schedule a 1-hr online sessions here.

I am also available for 30-min consultations – click here to schedule to discuss your goals and how a Somatics practice can help.

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Call or text me: 828-280-4252

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