“All Life is Sensory-Motor in Nature”

A great post from Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics about the importance of incorporating a Somatic practice into your day:

Freedom and the Human Body

Hanna Somatic Education isn’t just about pain relief, it’s about improving and creating more freedom in your life. Pain of any sort causes a distraction for an organism. Experiencing muscular pain can easily become a huge distraction from living life as fully as we’d like. It’s easy to shrink into pain, preventing us from activities that we once enjoyed and make us believe we cannot return to what we enjoy. Sometimes we forget the joy that we had from moving before developing pain. Maintaining an awareness of how we move allows us to make the choice of how to react and adapt to our ever-changing environment. And maintaining a regular Somatics practice doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, it can be as simple as asking “how am I feeling right now, and what movements can I do to make myself feel better?”

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