Be the Nervous System you want to See in the World

C & me staring at our feet.

Greetings Beautiful Somas ~
These past few months have been especially trying and stressful for most of the world. Even before pandemic times, many of us lived our lives in constant stress – maybe not even realizing the degree to which we felt that stress on our systems – our internal and external systems. It is my goal as a somatic educator to help people realize they have the power to self-regulate, self-balance, and self-heal themselves. These stressful events don’t have to hold as much power over us as we may think. We each have the capacity to choose how to respond in the world – and a calm nervous system is the key. “The strongest & calmest nervous system in the room, wins”. Be the nervous system you want to see in others.
As a bonus, Somatic Education alleviates painful muscle patterns (that also contribute to a stressed out nervous system) as well. It’s a win-win.
I am going to be taking a couple of weeks off (after this one) to get into a new routine. School starts up again for the fall, and while we have opted for 100% remote learning for my daughter, it’s still a new schedule and I may be switching up class times when I return to my own online practice in September. I am also planning to add a couple of specialized workshops, including the ever-popular Somatics for Neck & Shoulders, and also collaborating with other somatic practitioners in groups to discuss somatic philosophy and how we can collectively move forward with calmer nervous systems.
I wish you all the best health, love, peace, and calm! I’ll see you in a couple weeks with more options for a deepening Somatics practice.

This week, we’ll be doing full body yawning in a luscious twisting movement to wring out the spine from top to bottom!

Here is the link for this week’s Somatics Restart class – tomorrow, Thursday at 12pm noon eastern time.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 920 9198 5888

Passcode: somafull

Classes run 35-45 minutes. Make sure you have a yoga mat sized space for the practice. Your video and audio will be off when you first get in the “room”, you have the option to turn both on. I’d love to *see* you, but feel free to remain off if you’re more comfortable that way 🙂

Class fee is by donation. Feel free to join anytime, and if you’d like to support my teaching (THANK YOU), you can click here to do so.  

Curious if a one-with-one online session would work for you? I offer free 15 minute consults via Zoom or by phone.

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