Doom, Gloom, and Zoom

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I liked the composition. Discovered at Fletcher Park, NC.

Get outside
Practice gratitude
~~    Do less & unplug    ~~
Move your body, breathe
Seek support when you need it

After a couple of weeks of spiraling into news cycles, I am cutting off all technology to go into the woods for a few days on a camping trip this week. I figure it’s a fairly low-risk activity – basically packing up a much smaller version of my house & wares, to sleep in the woods next to a river. It’s time to give my brain another focus other than doom, gloom, and Zoom.

How are you doing? A friend of mine shared with me today that they’ve never been the anxious-type, but this has thrown them into regular panic attacks and extreme anxiety. They said “no matter what kind of day I have – good or bad – I am panicky at bed time”. We need other things to draw our attention, other than the constantly changing news stories. Life is extraordinarily stressful for most of us these days; with so many unknowns for our futures. Basic decisions we used to take for granted can take on a life or death consideration. It’s more important that we allow ourselves time to “put our masks on first” (pardon that pun). We become useless to loved ones and our own support networks when we don’t take care of ourselves first. And make no mistake, you are needed. Whatever self-care works for you, boost it up if you can. For me, movement and body awareness ground me, shifting my nervous system so that I can stay informed watching the news, while not getting sucked down into a vortex (or at least keeps me from going over the edge). What’s your outlet? How do you ground yourself, find support, and connect?

There will be no Thursday class this week, but we will return next week with something great. Have a great, safe, healthy week!

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2 thoughts on “Doom, Gloom, and Zoom

  1. Amen, Carrie! I’m not a panicky type either, but these days are making me sad and angry. Sangry? Besides doing some sort of bodyful practice every day, I walk a lot. Garden some. I’ve pulled out my Spirograph kit, started sewing again. With so many unknowns right now, anything that requires focus, creativity and gives a sense of accomplishment seems to help me.

    • Yes! I think we humans need a purpose, and to find it in little projects – whether that’s within our own body, or an outside project – those accomplishments are huge right now.

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