Walking through this Weird World, Together

A Mother’s Day walk in the woods, 2015

Hello hello Dear Soma. I am at a loss for inspiration to write about this week – other than acknowledging the obvious that we are still walking through a weird time, and I hope you are being good to yourself and yours. Our practices to keep our nervous systems in a nice, even place are consistently pushed. The edges of our nervous system comfort levels are tested, and if we remain aware of those edges, without judgment, we gain the capacity to experience our world more fully. I’m continuing to maintain some normalcy with class this week – we will be in the 4th week of the walking series. We’re going to explore more shoulder-to-hip connection: that diagonal/cross connection when you walk (a.k.a. opposite arm swings to the leg stepping forward). If there’s time, we’ll review a little of all that we’ve done so far, to tie it all up nicely into a short walking routine that you can turn to anytime you need tweaking.

As Michael Franti puts it (I’ll add to the beginning, “With a regulated nervous system…”:

We can love deeper,

Fly higher,

See clearer,

Burn brighter,

Feel more than we ever did before

Yeah we can swim oceans,

Climb mountains,

Dance like nobody’s watching,

Live life like we never did before,

And through the highs and lows,

Baby I got you, and you got me.

Here is the link for this week’s class: Walking with Ease, Lesson 4 – tomorrow, Thursday at 12pm noon eastern time. Register here for class.
Classes run 35-45 minutes. Make sure you have a yoga mat sized space for the practice. Your video and audio will be off when you first get in the “room”, you have the option to turn both on. I’d love to *see* you, but feel free to remain off if you’re more comfortable that way 🙂

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