Distractions and Pauses

Bunny in the front yard, always a welcome distraction.

My daughter is in remote school right now, so she has a lot of Zoom meetings all week. It’s hard for her to stay focused on her work sometimes (eh-hem … a lot of the time…) because there are always toys to play with, squirrels to watch outside, and wiggles to get out. A couple days ago, she said “I can’t help it when my brain gets distracted. I can pay attention a little, and then my brain will go somewhere else, and I can’t help that” Ah HA!! “That happens to everyone!” I said. We talked about it for a while – I told her that she does have some control over that, but her brain will always wander off looking for other cool stuff (or worries). The key is to notice the wandering, and then give yourself the chance to choose to come back (or not!). Each wandering is a chance to re-focus.

There are SO many things to distract us – not only outside, but from the inside too. Tummies grumble, heads ache, muscles get sore, thoughts ruminate. Body pain is a huge distraction! Not to mention all the external distractions of social media, news, other people… phew, our brains have a LOT of opportunities to wander off. My daughter felt a little frustrated with herself that she kept getting distracted, but I assured her that it happens to everyone, and if she can notice it, she can do something about it. Even if the distraction (physical, emotional, external…) can’t or won’t go away, there is power in that little moment of pause to notice it. Hold that moment, feel it in your breath, your muscles, your brain. The distractions will always come back, but so do the pauses.

I was planning to do 4 week series this fall, but I realized there is a 5th Thursday in October, so we’re going to do an extra Walking with Ease lesson, along with some nice breathing coordination. Join for some good ole wringing out pandiculations with full breathing.

 Here is the link for this week’s class: Walking with Ease & Fuller Breathing – tomorrow, Thursday at 12pm noon eastern time. Register here for class.
Classes run 35-45 minutes. Make sure you have a yoga mat sized space for the practice. Your video and audio will be off when you first get in the “room”, you have the option to turn both on. I’d love to *see* you, but feel free to remain off if you’re more comfortable that way 🙂

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