Spring into Summer

Spring has officially sprung. The warm weather and sunshine brings more opportunities for outdoor activities and playtime. Such a glorious time of year!

Recently I had the great opportunity to continue assisting Martha Peterson in her professional training program. This amazing group of students just finished up their second year of the three-year training. I always learn so much teaching, and usually feel like I am more of a student than a teacher myself. It also gives me the perspective to witness the students’ openness to new information. I can almost see their brains opening up like flowers at first sunlight. It’s such a beautiful experience to be able to be on both sides of that fence.


See my latest class & workshop schedule by clicking the links below:

Weekly Classes at Veda Studios in Asheville, NC

Online Myth of Aging Class Series

Free and Easy Walking, at Veda Studios in Asheville, NC

Freeing the Neck and Shoulders, at Greenville Yoga in Greenville, SC

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