July Newsletter

Wake Up with Somatics!
An Ongoing Online Series

Tuesday mornings, 9-9:30am
$17 per class, $75 for a 5-class card

We’re trying a new thing – online Morning Somatics classes! We’ll start these July 17, and see how they go. If we’re all enjoying them, I’ll continue them indefinitely, and maybe even add another one during the week.

These will be basic and gentle explorations – suitable for anyone who is curious about somatic movement practices, and also offer those more experienced students who would like some variety.

Click here for more information and registration for online classes.

Somatics for Pain Relief

4 Week series at Violet Owl Wellness, Asheville, NC
Wednesdays, 11-12:15pm
9/12 – 10/3
$60 for the series, must pre-register through Violet Owl.

Mysterious muscle pain can be distracting, and a Somatic Movement Practice can help to not only relieve that pain, but help you learn to release and even improve day-to-day movement. This series directly addresses patterns in the body that have nothing to do with aging, and all to do with the habits we develop over time – habits that can be reversed. Each class will focus on a particular muscular pattern that we all experience in day-to-day living, and offer gentle movement explorations to specifically move freely in and out of that pattern. You will leave with a movement routine that you can use to continue to free and improve your balance, flexibility, and everyday movement.


Classes Available for Download

Introduction to Somatic Practices
Embodying the Breath
Exploring the Pelvis
Releasing the Neck and Shoulders

I am now offering audio recordings of past online series as class series. You may purchase these through my website, and I will send you a link to download them within 24 hours via WeTransfer. These are specialized classes that explore not only the bigger patterns through Hanna Somatic movement, but the smaller, subtle movements that can really help bring awareness to the entire body as a functional system. Click here for more information on each class series.