Halloween-y Somatics, October Newsletter

Breathing into the log flume of the upcoming holidays

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that we are officially on a log flume ride to more holidays and (potentially) BUSY, full days. It’s hard to slow down these days to take those pauses. I found myself saying the other day “It’s hard for me to stop what I’m doing long enough to figure out something better!” The “to-do” list seems never ending, and for me, can keep me up at night ruminating.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive – but, if we take the time to pause and slow down, we actually HAVE MORE TIME to do all the things on our list. As much as I KNOW this to be true, even I am challenged with this, and have a hard time carving out the time. I have set random reminders on my phone to **trill** a “take a breath, feel your body” periodically throughout the day. It’s helpful to have that outside Pavlovian bell to help me remember that immensely helpful pause. Each little minute – second even – are cumulative in helping your brain respond to stress more easily.

I use a Mind Jogger app to help with reminders. The one I use is 99 cents, but there are free ones available too.

You have many opportunities to slow down with a somatics practice in the next month! Online and in-person, private and in a group:

Celebrate your Curvy Spine! In-person workshop
Wake Up with Somatics, online
The Compassionate Body, in-person workshop
Neck and Shoulders rEvolution, online and in-person
Private sessions, in-person and online

See below for more details…


Workshops & Events

Somatics Solutions for Scoliosis and Uneven Posture

Celebrate your curvy spine and change your relationship with your body! This highly transformative workshop is coming to Asheville for the first time, and who knows when it’ll be back. Explore the natural ability of the brain and nervous system to change itself – towards more mobility, improving posture, sensation, control, and less pain. All participants will go home with an illustrated manual, and videos to support your learning process.

I’m proud to be hosting and assisting Laura Gates for this weekend workshop. In addition to the 2-day workshop at Violet Owl Wellness, Laura will be available for private sessions at my office at 25 Reed St. Contact Laura through her website for more information and registration.

Saturday & Sunday, November 3-4

Violet Owl Wellness
62 Wall St
Asheville, NC

Solve Chronic Pain from Scoliosis and Correct Posture with Somatic Movement  


Wake Up with Somatics!

An Ongoing Online Series

Tuesday mornings, 9-9:30am
$10 per class, $30 for 4 weeks

This has been going really well! I’m excited to be offering these each week. These are basic, gentle half-hour somatic movement explorations – for anyone who has been curious about a somatic movement practice, and for those who want a check-in for their own self-practice.

I’m also happy that I can offer the recordings for a week via a private link if you are not able to make it to the live class. Register here for either a one-time tryout, or a 4-week bundle.


The Compassionate Moving Body

Saturday 10/27 from 1-2:30

Asheville Pilates
Reynolds Village
41 N. Merrimon Avenue, Ste. 109
Asheville NC 28804


In this 90 minute workshop, we will explore the habits that may be causing pain or restriction in our day-to-day movement.  Chronic pain in our shoulders, neck, hips caused by our modern lifestyles can be distracting from living life to the fullest.  Somatic movement explorations slow down these painful patterns in order to regain healthier control.  By using our natural reflex of pandiculation (a “yawn-like stretch”), we can actually reset the length of our muscles and regain control for greater freedom of movement.  You will leave with a set of movements that serve as an overall “reboot” to your muscular system.  This is a very gentle class, appropriate for anyone at all levels of fitness.  Come learn to pandiculate!

Pre-registration for this workshop is required, both to get a head count and to make sure there’s enough space for everyone.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you want to reserve a spot.  Anyone is welcome, first come first served, so if you want to bring your partner, friend, family member or a stranger, just let me know.


Neck and Shoulders rEvolution

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Did something distract you from fulfilling that dream along the way? Stress can show up in a lot of different ways. For some of us, the stress shows up in our necks and shoulders, and can be incredibly distracting to the life we want to live. Sometimes it’s hard to even see past that distraction, making those childhood (and grown-up!) dreams a distant blur. Unraveling that pain-distraction can be hard, but not impossible. Work with me through a series of lessons and private sessions, to help unravel your neck and shoulder pain so that you can lift the distraction, and then have the clarity to remember those dreams you once had. Not only can neck & shoulder pain be a distraction, they can cause a lot of fear to do all the things you used to want to do. A somatics practice can help unravel the pain, and return your ability to courageously face life.

An 8-week course to unravel, repair, and transform your neck and shoulders.

Yours in good health,

~ If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it.

Asheville Workshop – Somatics for Scoliosis

Next month, on November 3-4, my amazingly talented colleague Laura Gates will be teaching her specialized workshop right here in Asheville at Violet Owl Wellness – Somatic Solutions for Scoliosis and Uneven Posture. In addition to the weekend workshop, there will be opportunities for health professionals to learn skills to help their own clients, private sessions available with Laura to help with individual issues, and a manual to continue self-care at home. Celebrate the curves of your body and learn ways to increase joy with movement, freedom from pain, and empowerment for your life!

For more information, and registration (early bird rate is available until mid-October!), visit Laura’s website here.


Car Somatics? Yes!

As long as you’re safe, that is… And wearing a seat belt – I failed to put mine on for this demonstration, which can affect your sensitivity to arching and releasing.

It can be challenging to fit in a proper, lie-down-on-the-floor practice everyday – so fit it in where you can! It’s also highly beneficial to fit in somatics practices throughout your day, in day-to-day life, so that it becomes a habit when you need it most and not actually thinking about things.